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For Teachers

For the Teachers

Over the last several years and with the collaboration of some exceptional people a classroom curriculum has been developed to give the teachers the tools they need to educate their students about bees.

The Honey Bee Biology Unit for High School Agriculture and Science classrooms in Illinois is now complete. We would like to thank the many collaborators who readily joined in this endeavor. Without their help this would not have been possible. Honeybee ecology files below offer teachers a complete set of lesson plans they can download.

Honeybee Ecology

A special thanks for those who helped make this possible. The lessons are unique in that so many different sources were used to create this program. Has latest news and updates in various studies and what they are finding




Illinoisbees.comIllinois Bees website provides many helpful links as well as some info about various organizations.

Illinois Bees Queen Initiative is a site dedicated to stop the spread of pests and diseases by raising queens locally.



driftwatch.orgDriftwatch was created to help pesticide applicators, specialty crop growers, and stewards
of at-risk habitats in Illinois communicate more effectively to protect pesticide-sensitive areas. They provide an interactive map where applicators can see sensitive areas and people can register their crops.



For the Gardeners out there who wish to know want ideas for bee friendly gardens has a wonderful list of plants and is a great source of scientific information. Group projects such as community gardens or grade school students might be interested in creating a garden with these plants!!

HGTVHGTV of course has some creative ideas.


Other Great Resources Include; has some good articles on pests and diseases describes some state programs and has contacts for Illinois state bee inspectors describes ways and various unbiased methods of keeping bees Has a few online free publications that are interesting.