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drunken friars

Priests and friars used to make honey mead. Mead has been a staple for a thousand years or so. This beverage is still made today with great pride.

A Brief History of Bees

Bees have been around forever... They are even ancient cave drawings from 13,000bc of harvesting wild bees. The most efficient management that us practiced today is a relatively recent development. With all improvements there comes a certain cost, the portability of hives has increased the portability of the parasites and diseases as well

Historical time line of bees
1323 BC

Honey was found in King Tuts tomb.

322 BC

Aristotle writes a manual about bees


Fran├žois Huber studies bees under a microscope


Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth discovers a way to harvest honey without the destruction of the hive. This paved the way for commercialization.

1853- present

Every design since improves or is a modification of Langstroths discoveries. *


*Ironically up until his discovery of the "bee space" hives were destroyed in order to harvest the honey... Now with the portability of his evolved designs we are facing a significantly greater loss. This is the briefest summary of the history of beekeeping that has ever been written (ask any beekeeper).